A Winning Day at the Races!


IMG_2501A winning day at the races is a combination of not only luck but skill. Identifying the “live” horses in a race through an effective handicapping strategy will help to reduce the amount of luck needed and increase your probability of winning.Every horse player has their own “system” for evaluating horses in a race. Some will spend hours handicapping, other’s just a few minutes.  Just like in life, the more time and effort you put forth, the better the result.  Every system is different and there is no right or wrong.  The goal is to find consistent attributes that are commonly displayed by horses that perform at high levels and learning how to spot these characteristics using different criteria and the multitude of information available.As a third generation horse owner, breeder, gambler and fan, I have spent four decades at New York tracks. I have learned how to find the “right” horses to play through an exhaustive evaluation of the past performances. I took what I learned from a twenty year career on the NYSE as a Market Maker, and applied those same principles to handicapping horses. I developed a numerical system that compares the horses in as many as thirty categories per race.  A comprehensive consideration of speed figures, current and past form, pace scenarios, class, morning workouts, trainer, and rider tendencies, past trip analysis, etc.  It’s a binary evaluation that is consistent and disciplined, and has yielded above average results.


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