A Winning Day at the Races!

July 21st , 2019 Free Picks & Plays

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*Since the launch of this site three years ago our stats have remained consistent. Race winner is in top three selections 68% of the time 6733/9909, and top choice first or second 44% of the time 4357/9909. The algorithm is very good at zeroing in on live runners with regularity, you will often find the triple and super in our picks.

Saratoga Pricing:

“One Day Pass”…$5.99

“Two Day Pass”…$10.99

“Saratoga 2019 Pass”…$79.99 (Less than $2 a card)

Saratoga Selections

Race 2 :   Strength Variable :

#3 Brush Country 5-2                     26
#5 Blue Gem 15-1                            25
#8 Mission Statement 20-1           25
#6 Business Cycle 6-5                     24

Race 8 :

#2 Three Technique 7-2                  19
#6 Basin 3-1                                       17
#10 Excession 8-1                             15
#7 Mr Thrifty 4-1                              14

Race 10 :

#2 Restoring Hope 7-2                     34
#8 Borracho 7-2                                 32
#7 Identity Politics 3-1                    31
#6 Own Agenda 10-1                        29

* “Strength Variable” – Is a numerical value that gets assigned to each runner, the end result of the system that I use, which evaluates the horses in as many as thirty categories per race. It gives a visual of races where there are standouts , or conversely, heats where it is very difficult to separate. The races with better quality of horses will score higher values, while lower level claimers and maiden races with limited information will be lower numbers. Top picks that eclipse the second and third choice by three, four or more points will be runners that have a higher percentage of winning. These may be races where it is easier to find a single, where as races in which the values are close , and even tied in some instances may be races to spread in.

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